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Removing a scratch by hand.

Removing a scratch requires you to remove the layer of paint or clear coat that contains the scratch. Very light scratches may be removed by hand and deeper scratches can be made much less noticeable.

Removing a scratch requires you to remove the top layer of paint or clear coat that contains the scratch. This is best accomplished with a machine polisher.

It's almost impossible to remove enough paint by hand to completely eliminate a scratch. What you can do is round off the top edge of the scratch and rob sunlight of a sharp edge to cause a reflection. You can then apply a finishing polish that fills the scratch with fillers and finish with a coat of wax or paint sealant.



Apply some Scratch Remover or Rubbing Compound to a Microfiber Applicator Pad and rub the scratch using moderate pressure. Rub at a right angle, across the scratch. Wipe the scratch with a Terry towel or Microfiber towel and inspect the surface. If the scratch remains, repeat the procedure, rubbing more aggressively. Continue the rubbing and inspecting procedure until no further improvement can be observed.

Follow with a polish to fill the remaining indentation and restore surface gloss. Apply a finishing polish to a Terry cloth or Microfiber Applicator Pad and go over the area repeatedly until the polish is almost dry. Buff off any remaining film and follow with your favorite wax or paint sealant.

Note: Scratches deep enough to be felt with your fingernail can be made to look better but probably can not be removed by hand. You should not attempt to remove scratches that go all the way through the paint or clear coat. These scratches require re-painting and should be repaired by a body shop technician.

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